Digimon Battle Teaser Trailer

Digimon Battle is an MMO where players take on the role of a Digimon Tamer who is able to train creatures called Digimon to become great warriors.

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  • Emperor Dr. Daniel

    “…Then came Doctor Digi-egg Dan the Blue Ferry Ferryman and his multitudinous dreamlands in a sea of woe. The ‘Last Sea’ or sea of woe is the human energy field of Doctor Dan’s spelljammer with sea shanty. I could hear the cries of jealous rivals, blasphemers, and back-stabbers seeking the Thrones of the Omnis and other artifacts Doctor Dan had amassed like the Blue Ferry, Shield Guardian Amulet, Treasure Chest of the Lost Swordsman, Genie Lamps, and Singularity Engine just to name a few. Doctor Digi-egg Dan – Emperor, Doctor, and Immortal Sentinel of Time with access to unusually powerful magics concerning Immortality, spelljammers, and star ships – sat upon the Throne of the Gods at the base of a great mountain like a challenge with the red-alert digivice. The Throne of the Gods is the most powerful of the Thrones of the Omnis…”
    note: Omnis – a term to refer collectively to omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience.
    Omnipotence – all-powerful, able to do anything.
    Omnipresence – all-present, able to be everywhere at once.
    Omniscience – all-knowing, able to know everything. Pertinence applies.