Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Yuna Joins Tidus

Yuna has come to join the fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT! Capable of summoning Valefor to attack or defend, she also comes with vast magical powers. Originally featured in Final Fantasy X, Yuna is a powerful summoner and healer, who journeyed on a dangerous pilgrimage with Tidus and the rest of her guardians, in order to save Spira. She is available as a standalone purchase, or as a part of the Season Pass, which also includes Vayne (FFXII), Locke (FFVI), Rinoa (FFVIII), Kam’lanaut (FFXI), and one more unannounced character. In addition, the Final Battlefield map also joined the game, which was created by the two gods who govern the world of Dissidia.

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