Door Kickers: Action Squad Release Trailer

When it was in Early Access, Door Kickers: Action Squad has a 92% positive rating on Steam with its single-player, couch and online co-op multiplayer, and four classes. Each has three unique weapons, three gear items, and there are eight enemy types, two mission types, and twenty-four levels. That’s not the end though. Killhouse Games are proud to announce that this side-scrolling action game is leaving Early Access and heading to full launch today. This launch also has a new update to go with it, offering more tools and tactics to tackle these missions. A new chapter enters the game in this update, with twelve more levels and four new enemies, RPG-style character progression and a new passive perk system. There will also be a full stats rebalance for player characters and enemies, 60 total levels and online leaderboards.

As part of a SWAT team, players must infiltrate buildings, breach doors and eliminate the bad guys as part of their justice serving mission. Featuring retro graphics and design sensibilities, the game takes the familiar side scrolling-action genre and infuses it with a layer of tactical puzzles that has no set solution and allows seat of the pants improvisation and out of the box thinking.

“We’re so excited to finally get the full version of Door Kickers: Action Squad out to the fans and the eager public. The game has been very well received in its Early Access state, so we took on board player feedback and live-tested the game with hundreds of players at PAX East and Gamescom. We’ve added a load more content and features for players in its final release,” said Dan Dimitrescu of KillHouse Games. “We hope players have fun blasting through the game solo or with their friends and appreciate the amount of depth we have added to the experience. We have even more content planned post-release as well as workshop support and releasing the in-game level editor for the general public, and we can’t wait to see what our players come up with!”

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