Dragon Ball FighterZ – World Tour Returns for a Second Round in 2019/20

The DRAGON BALL FighterZ – World Tour is a global tournament series that runs for 8-9 months from June 2019 to the beginning of 2020. Players from around the world will compete throughout the year to decide a Grand Champion at the DRAGON BALL FighterZ – World Tour Red Bull Finals in France.

The top 15 players will be decided based on winner-takes-all Saga events, with points accumulated across the tour at Saga and ‘Tenkaichi’ Events – or through the Last Chance Qualifier. There will be three Saga events across the tour – EVO, DRAGON BALL FighterZ – World Tour Red Bull Saga Spain, and DRAGON BALL FighterZ – World Tour Red Bull Saga Japan – with the winner of each securing their spot in the finals. Twelve additional spots will be given to those players with the highest total points rankings at the end of the tour, including points gained at Saga events and Tenkaichi Events.
Tenkaichi Events will be offline events spanning the globe, enabling players to compete for points and climb the rankings. Further details of these events will be revealed soon. The final spot will be given to one player at the Last Chance Qualifier, hosted in France the day before the Grand Final. CEO can also be registered for at this link.

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