Dustwind Releases Single-Player Campaign

Dustwind Studios and Z-Software GmbH released a huge update today for Dustwind, and that is to add a single-player story. In this update, we also see a Titan Race that is now available in multiplayer, and an improved Single-Player Storyline Map Editor. But most importantly, the single-player story campaign releases into the game. This update is also free for all players.

“You might have already guessed that the female on these images is the protagonist of our new single-player campaign that awaits you in the BIG update. The story involves the player taking over the role of the heroine without a name… She is a civilian that tries to survive with her daughter in the bleak post-apocalyptic world of DUSTWIND but on a fateful day she gets assaulted and almost killed. Her memories are gone and her daughter is lost somewhere without a trace. After raising back from the dead, she’s ready to fight and resist! It’s your turn to guide the heroine through the hardest adventure of her life that will affect a lot of lives in the wasteland of DUSTWIND!” – Andreas Heldt, CEO, Z-Software GmbH

The Update Highlights:

  • Singleplayer campaign
  • Titan race (playable)
  • New npc race (frogpig)
  • New editor features:
  • + create your own singleplayer campaign
  • + more assets for creators
  • + more features for creators
  • New main menu: structure and usability, especially for singleplayer, editor and solo mode, were improved

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