Dying Light Leads New Content Drops with Prison Heist Mode

Zombies fans rejoice! Dying Light is increasing the pace of free content deliveries, starting today with a double drop featuring a new location, a new game mode, new enemy, a community bounty, and their best Easter wishes.  Content Drop #4 will take players to Prison Island, home to the Prison Heist mode. Players break into the armory as fast as they can (solo or co-op) and must optimize their strategy, work together and loot the place clean before the alarm goes off.  The better they perform, the better the rewards, but it will not be easy or safe.

Content Drop #5 features an unknown Demolisher mutation to Old town – known as Sgt. Deathrow. Bigger, stronger, and more unpredictable, he’s also worth massive amounts of experience points. Content Drop #6 will drop in Mid-April. Today is also the start of a brand new community bounty. In the Harran Egg Hunt players chase the zombified Easter Bunny and collect the eggs to unlock the magnificent Easter Outfit.  As a final note, Dying Light now supports the Chinese language.

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