Earth Defense Force 5 Now Available for Playstation 4

D3 Publisher Inc has brought the popular and long-standing Earth Defense Force franchise back to life on the Playstation 4. Earth Defense Force 5 is now available on the Playstation Store for the first time since its Japan-only launch back in 2017. The EDF series debuted back on the Playstation 2 in 200e, and has earned its reputation as a relentless, merciless wave shooter, with tons of enemies on screen and plenty of weapons and violence. A wide array of unique classes, weapons, loadouts, and of course, the B-Movie dialogue we expect is all here, as our cities are sieged by giant monsters. Earth Defense Force 5 has the most detailed monsters to date, with breakable limbs and body parts, with more advanced AI behavior.

Packed with tons of content and high replay value, Earth Defense Force 5 delivers over 100 missions with more than 1,000 weapons and armaments to unlock and master. It also offers players four unique classes to master, allowing players to approach mission goals and objectives in a variety of ways. Classes include the Ranger, a well-rounded infantry soldier, the Wing Diver, a highly mobile air unit, the Fencer, a heavy weapons unit with thick armor, and the Air Raider, a support focused class with the ability to drive vehicles. Players can also look forward to multiplayer, whether it’s four-player online or two-player split-screen.

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