Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Launches on PC

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain, the latest in the classic EDF franchise is now available on Steam, and the series is ready to enter new territory. Character customization is paired with a new cast of characters, focused on using one of the mightiest EDF military units awaits. This edition of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain has a 20% discount off of the retail 59.99 USD for the first week. The DLC released for the PS4 version will also be available for purchase, as well as a DLC Bundle, which will also have a 20% discount and an additional 10% for the first week.

Twelve years have passed since mankind’s first encounter with the alien “Aggressor” invasion that devastated planet Earth. In this time of great despair, the battle to free mankind from the Aggressor’s extended assault continues in EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: IRON RAIN. With plenty of co-op and PvPvE Multiplayer, there is no shortage of content for EDF: Iron Rain. There are over 50 intense story missions to tackle, and this is the first EDF game to use Unreal Engine 4. Four soldier classes await, to deal with this alien menace once and for all.

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