Eden Supremacy Is Out Now

A new open world co-op title from Nvizzio Creations is now available on Steam’s Early Access for 14.99 USD – It’s Eden Rising Supremacy. Set in a sci-fi universe, Eden Rising is a mix of tower defense, open world, and third-person action/multiplayer to create a unique experience. Tribes of human explorers absolutely must work together to defend and restore ancient technology from an advanced civilization. Team up with your friends to do battle against hordes of aliens, craft weapons, traps and armor using their crafting system. These items can also be upgraded and customized to suit the playstyle of whoever is using them.

“We are very proud of the start we have made with Eden Rising: Supremacy,” said Brent Elison, Lead Designer. “We’re in early access and already have over 30 hours of content for players to get their hands on — a massive world to explore, technologies to discover and craft and lots tower defense sieges.”

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  • Eden Rising: Supremacy Reveal Trailer

    Reveal Trailer for the open world survival and tower defense mashup, Eden Rising: Supremacy, from Montreal, Canada based Nvizzo Creations.