Edengrad Kickstarter Trailer

New co-operative post-apocalyptic Edengrad is setting out to make a free to play MMO focused on survival, town building, item crafting, exploration, and economic simulation. Learn more on their Kickstater page.

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  • Edengrad: War Update

    War... war never changes. Except I suppose Edengrad's just got way more interesting! One of the biggest changes was the increase to exp gained from quests!

  • Edengrad – DevDiary #1 – War Update – 0.3

    War. War never changes. Wait, wrong game ... Edengrad's first Dev Diary focuses on how the game looks from their perspective, which is terribly interesting

  • Edengrad – Early Access Launch Trailer

    Ready for the early access of Edengrad? The world has changed. Innocence is gone. It's the heroes that die the youngest.