EMMA: Lost in Memories Launches on Steam and Mobile Devices

EMMA: Lost in Memories launches from SandBloom Studio today, on Steam, iOS, and Android. EMMA: Lost in Memories is an action running platformer, where you double jump, duck, dash and climb to get to the exit in every stage. You have to be quick and precise because the walls disappear after you touch them! 140+ single-screen stages await, as do a pair of game modes: Main Story and Memory Chest.  It’s a game that is a poetic, melancholic story about memory loss.

“EMMA: Lost in Memories gets inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy for its quickness and puzzle-like levels, and Celeste for its simple reusable mechanics”, says Julien Gatumel, PR Director at Sandbloom Studio. “It is also inspired by Alto’s Adventure for its mood and minimalistic art.”

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