Endless Space 2: Vodyani faction and “Vision of the Game” playlist

We’ve got some fresh Endless Space 2 videos today! From a sneak peek of the Vodyani faction and a Vision of what the game is meant to be, take a look!

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    The Lumeris are the latest faction to be teased for Endless Space 2, so let's take a look at the space Mafioso!

  • Endless Space 2 – The Sophons Prologue

    Another Endless Space 2 trailer! This time it's the Sophons Prologue! Check 'em out in the upcoming strategy game!

  • Endless Space 2 – The Cravers Prologue

    Two new trailers for Endless Space 2! The first one involves the prologue for the Cravers, one of the factions in the 4X game!