Escape from Tarkov Reveals 0.9 Patch Details

Escape from Tarkov released the latest 0.9 Patch, and with it comes a wealth of interesting content. 50 new pieces of equipment come in this patch, flashbangs and smoke grenades, as well as armbands for Identification purposes. Nvidia Highlights are also available, and other fixes and details come in this update. The first of several Scav bosses came in 0.9, known as The Dealmaker. He runs a gang of four Scavs, and their idea is that boss Scavs will have a more complex and thoughtful AI compared to the other Scavs. If they’re weakened, they’ll rally other Scavs to help them, and have better combat equipment.

The Dealmaker’s gang arsenal features a variety of ranged and close-combat weapons, grenades, and all of the gang members use medical supplies when necessary. The appearance of the boss, clad in a leather jacket, is more aggressive and charismatic. The main qualities of the Dealmaker are distinct leadership skills and the ability to keep his posse in order, moving across the neighborhood in a group. The gang carries out reconnaissance on the orders of the boss, keeping other Scavs at distance. In firefights, they keep changing positions and reacting to enemy actions and operating accordingly. Meanwhile, Dealmaker himself prefers to avoid a fair fight, taking cover and attacking warily but accurately from the behind that cover

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