EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone’s Player-Focused Winter Update Brings Holiday Cheer

It’s time to celebrate the holidays … in Space in the form of updates! CCP Games launched the Winter Update for EVE: Valkyrie, which introduces some highly sought-after updates to the game and community tools. Spectator Mode is here designed for player-run tournaments, along with a new map inspired by EVE: Online – Lifeblood. It also brings support for TrackIR and Tobii delivering head-tracking for non-VR players. That should even out the playing field whether you are in VR or outside of it. Custom Matches are also coming to the game, and no longer will players have to wait for a specific game mode. Now you can set your own matches on their official dedicated servers. You can also control the lobby through passcodes, private invites and a public server browser. Additionally, you’ll find options for map rotation, game mode and a ton of other settings to tweak the game for maximum enjoyment, or to just make them as insane as you care to.

In addition, to celebrate EVE Online‘s recent Lifeblood expansion, this update introduces the Moon Refinery map. Set against the dramatic backdrop of a moon mining operation, the area is populated with iconic mining and industrial ships from EVE Online and culminating in a tremendous display of laser destruction, this new map will have your jaw dropping and your heart racing.

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