Exception Will Soon Be Available on PC and Console

Traxmaster Software has their debut title coming soon to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Exception is a combat platformer set inside an elderly woman’s computer, which is overrun by a totalitarian malware and hits platforms this summer. Exception will feature classic run/jump/attack controls, which they try to reinvent the traditional platforming genre, with a unique transformation mechanic, where levels rotate and move.

“As a hardcore NES nerd, I feel inspired by games like Ninja-Gaiden and Castelvania and feel like simplicity is the key to a great gaming experience,” said Will Traxler, Founder of Traxmaster Software. “Exception has this old school vibe with a modern rotating twist that takes advantage of today’s 3D technology. It’s a game which is easy to pick up and play and will bring joy for a novice gamer just as much as it will for a professional speedrunner.”

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