Extinction Releases Features Trailer

Iron Galaxy and Modus Games recently published a new trailer to show off what Extinction will offer players when it launches on April 10, 2018. It is a world at war with itself, and when a giant portal opens in Dolorum, it is up to Avil, the trainee in an ancient order of the Sentinels, to preserve humankind. The Sentinels skills have degraded over the years, and he is a trainee, yet. He will have to deal with the monstrous Ravenii, and save everyone. Known for their work on fighting games, Iron Galaxy has applied their expertise to the action-adventure genre. Avil has a wide variety of skills and attacks he can execute on the horde of minions trailing in the wake of each Ravenii. Players can cancel into almost any attack they want at any time, switching seamlessly between single strikes, sweeping area of effect (AOE) attacks, knocking enemies into the sky for an aerial combo, and more.

Plus it features no Microtransactions!

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