Family Tree Launches Exclusively on Nintendo Switch Today

Eastasiasoft Limited has a fruity action ballistics puzzle platformer launching on the Nintendo Switch today, Family Tree, for 7.99 USD. In Family Tree, Mr. and Mrs. Fruits have gone to bed and left their babies playing. However, an evil drum ‘n’ bass-loving sugar skull, Pedro appears. He captured the babies in a wormhole and scattered them across several forests. It’s up to Mr. and Mrs. Fruits to find their babies and bring them back home.

Take control of Mrs. or Mr. Fruits and aim a ballistic arc which shows the projected trajectory, then jump, landing where the trajectory arc predicts. Gameplay involves the player starting each level at the bottom of a tree with the simple aim of finding the goal, collecting as many fruits as possible, whilst avoiding fiendish enemies and obstacles. Once collected, the fruits turn back into adorable fruit-babies

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