Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition to Receive The Sims 4 Content

Square Enix has teamed up with Electronic Arts and Maxis, the studio behind The Sims to bring exclusive The Sims 4 content to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. From launch day (March 6th) through May 1st, players who purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition via Origin will unlock a unique Sim-themed outfit, featuring the famous The Sims 4 Llama Suit and Plumbob for us by Noctis in the single-player campaign, and for players’ avatars in the multiplayer expansion, Comrades.

Players who pre-order the game from Origin will also receive the bonus “FFXV™ Decal Selection,” containing an array of colorful decals for the Regalia car celebrating Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis, along with the men and women of the Kingsglaive. The Sims 4 owners will also be able to download a special crowned prince Noctis Lucis Caelum outfit for their avatars to celebrate the launch of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, starting on March 8th.

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