Fit For a King is an Upcoming ‘Henry VIII’ Simulator

Fit For a King is a concept that I never realized I needed until I read it out loud: A Henry VIII simulator from Kitfox Games. Players will enforce their royal will, marrying foreign princess, or even something like a lamp, or their favorite bookshelf. Or both! Why restrict yourself? Jail people, execute everyone, ordain your horse as a priest! Hell, why not go for broke and Knight your rug? Who is going to stop you? God? Nope, Henry VIII broke away from the Church, after all.

In Fit For a King, the year is 1520, and as King or Queen of England, you have been challenged to outspend your rival, King Frank. Though you’ve misplaced your gold all across the kingdom. So now you must figure out how to humiliate France with wealth and excess or die trying. High-stakes tax collection is on the way with this dark comedy sandbox, developed by Tanya X. Short, and her partner, Brent Ellison.  There are over 26 royal commands to decree in this non-linear game. It’s what Henry VIII would have done if he had a little more imagination. Fit for a King releases on September 5th, 2019, and we absolutely cannot wait.

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