Galak-Z: The Void Deluxe Edition Comes to the Switch in March

Galak-Z is coming back to the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2019 with Galak-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition! The A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of 16-bit graphics is coming back to life. Players control a rogue pilot named A-Tak, whose goal is to protect the Earth from an evil alien empire, led by The Baron. Players must enter the endless damnation of The Void, beat the Baron and his incessant onslaught and save the planet from certain destruction.

With endless gameplay, online leaderboards and the daily challenge system, Galak-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition will bring the feel of anime space action to life on procedurally generated worlds. Stealth and skill are both necessary to defeat the more intelligent, powerful enemies. Outmaneuvering, outgunning, and outsmarting enemies that think like veteran pilots is going to be difficult but rewarding. In order to do this, they must master their ship’s sublimely-honed controls, blast enemies, unleash missile salvos, and even toss their opponents, mech-style, to their explosive demise.

See Key Features below:
  • The original, award-winning version of GALAK-Z, previously released on PS4, Xbox and PC
  • Endless gameplay with Online Leaderboards and a Daily Challenge
  • ARCADE mode with per-Mission checkpoints
  • Procedurally-assembled levels
  • Physics based combat simulator!
  • Advanced enemy A.I for intense dogfights!
  • Scripted missions and ‘roguelite’ structure
  • Resource-based, progressive weapons system
  • Inspired by 70s / 80s anime and arcade shooters

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