Gene Rain Arrives on Xbox One Today

Chinese publisher E-Home Entertainment brings a third-person futuristic shooter to life on the Xbox One in both Germany and the United States. This is a post-apocalyptic world where humans and technology are in a heated war for supremacy, each side defending their own ideals and land. Technology advancements continued, and humanity did not change with the times. Failing to do so turned out to be a fatal mistake. Dr. Bill Feynman created a genetic spraying agent to change the genetic structure of humans, making everyone’s IQ equal. The spray was spread by wind towers, known as the Gene Rain.

This would create a war between those in favor of the Gene Rain and those against it. Players are in charge of the Death Squad, formed to put a stop to the Gene Rain era, and control three characters: LiYing (human), Salman (robot) and Alex (half human half robot), and over the course of the game will do their best to save the world from the Gene Rain. Nine different guns, four game scenes/areas, and an intricate AI tree will allow for interesting and unique behavioral patterns. Gene Rain is available for 24.99 on Xbox One.

“Today the dystopian Gene Rain world opens up for Xbox One players, and we’re looking forward to recruiting more rebels in Europe at the end of the month,” says Kavka Wang, the Marketing Director at E-Home Entertainment Development. “Featuring incredible next-gen graphics and extreme TPS combat, Gene Rain expands the plot through new human narrative structures and delves deep into moral convictions as in how far you will go to achieve your goal.”

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