Godhood From Abbey Games Enters Alpha Phase of Development

From cat worshipping to human sacrifice, Godhood lets players become a newborn deity and experiment with various dogmas as they work to create their own religion. Dutch studio Abbey Games have begun the Alpha Phase of testing, and are letting players sign up at the following link to enter the Godhood Alpha. However, prospective gods will soon learn that their worshippers come with a fair chunk of free will and that control over them isn’t total. A deity’s power is measured in their worshippers, so players wil lhave to prevent their followers from straying, while also stealing from other Gods. But when battle must be done, combat known as Sacrements will occur. These battles can only be won if players carefully prepare their most trusted worshippers in advance, using rituals to strengthen their faith.

For those interested in playing God over the game itself, the Dutch studio has also revealed that they will be running a Kickstarter campaign for the inclusion of additional content in game early next year with the base game already having been fully funded.

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