Graveyard Keeper Gets Free ‘Breaking Dead’ DLC

The first DLC for Graveyard Keeper released today, and what’s better, it is an update to the main game, and it’s free. The update adds a Resurrection table to the morgue, and those zombies can take care of many of your daily chores on your Graveyard. Just in time for Halloween, Keepers can get some zombies up and at ’em to help take care of the tedium that they’d rather not deal with.

Fun Stuff Zombies Can Help You Do:

  • Automate gathering of stone, wood, and have zombies craft your items
  • Taking care of your graveyard’s garden has never been easier when zombies do it for you
  • Create logistics chains where zombies automate sale of merchandise, for extra profit
  • Modify and upgrade your zombies (they might need better organs) to make them more efficient

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