Havocado Arrives on Steam Early Access in April

In Havocado, four “human-shaped figures” are dumped onto a deserted island, and weapons/vehicles start appearing from nowhere. Four players, fifty weapons, and the last floppy person standing wins. Havocado is a hyper-speed multiplayer physics fighting game, where you punch, shoot, drive and use magic to destroy the other three players. Players are not confined to the island setting either. There are also other arenas to do battle in, such as a boxing arena or an oil rig. Havocado is coming to Steam’s Early Access on April 25th.

“With Havocado, I looked pretty exhaustively, at games that worked for YouTube but never really took off for gamers. I played all these games and found, I think, what didn’t work so well for gamers. So, really — by process of elimination — we arrived at Havocado. I pitched this to our new Webble team and together we made a game which isn’t only good fun to play but also really fun to watch.

“Today we are playing Havocado together with our Discord players and you’re all invited! It’ll be a blast but — for us at Webble — this is also work. We are fine-tuning all the fun in the alpha build and this will help the game make the right impression with players when it arrives on Steam EA next month.”

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