HellSign Stalks onto Steam Early Access in November

Ever want to be a supernatural investigator? HellSign is your chance, when it hits Steam on November 7th, 2018. HellSign offers up hardcore supernatural RPG experience that boasts it will capture the “in-too-deep” feeling of some of your favorite TV shows and novels. The focus is on satisfying gameplay built by years of television paranormal hunting history, where players step into the shoes of a  hunter traveling Australia. They’re investigating the unknown and taking down horrific nightmare creatures. After creating your character and choosing from a series of classes with unique abilities, dive into a non-linear narrative, taking on contract jobs as you make money and learn more about the creatures stalking in the night.  The player will be responsible for investigating the disturbance, collecting signs, gearing up, and eliminating the threat, before repeating the process again. It definitely has a “Monster of the Week” feel and promises to be very intense.

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