Heroes of Newerth Avatar Spotlight 3.7.7

Latest batch of up and coming Avatars revealed by Heroes of Newerth including:
Carnage Calamity (Gold Collection) – Release Aug 14
Sterling Midas (Upgrade Avatar/Silver Only) – Release August 12
Trophy Valkyrie (War Effort Leader Prize) – Given to top 100 players on the Quest Ladder on August 25
Amethyst Paragon (Parasite) – Released in Plinko on August 19
Srikandi Artillery (Holiday Edition) – Released August 21
Rahwana Accursed (Holiday Edition) – Released August 17
Dalang Puppet Master (Holiday Edition) – Released August 21
Floral Ellonia (Holiday Edition) – Released August 24
Erik the Red Berzerker – Released August 26
POG Engineer – N/A

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