Huge Raiders of the Broken Planet Changes coming in ‘Eternal Soldier’ Campaign

What was once known as the “Prologue” of Raiders of the Broken Planet is now known as the Eternal Soldier Campaign! It’s free, contains two missions, the single-player tutorial “First Blood” and the first 4 vs. 1 multiplayer mission (Hanging by a Thread). With full access to the games’ features, players who download the free Eternal Soldier Starter Campaign will be able to use gold, faction points, and character points to unlock new characters, build weapons from blueprints, unlock Faction and Character Cards and unveil pieces of lore from the world of Raiders of the Broken Planet! The renaming from Prologue to Eternal Soldier, they wish to re-emphasize the importance of the campaign, which serves as the base for which other campaigns will be built from.

“We have avoided naming the Eternal Soldier Campaign a demo, as it is not a gameplay section extracted from the premium campaign,” said Enric Álvarez, Co-Owner of MercurySteam. “It is a free group of missions including all the game’s features that can be fully enjoyed, before the customer can decide if he or she wants to invest €/$/£9.99 on a premium campaign.”

Players who want more can purchase additional campaigns, each of which contains four missions! These occur in parallel, each with their own characters and factions. Alien Myths is available now and the next (Wardog Fury) will launch by year’s end.

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