Hunt: Showdown Performance and Content Update 2.4

Hunt: Showdown is a game about bounty hunters in pursuit of supernatural prey in a late 1800’s American setting. Rifles, revolvers and shotguns as well as more esoteric weapons are at your employ as you hunt down terrible creatures for cash, all the while trying to avoid facing other PC hunters.

Update 2.4 offers a variety of bug fixes, and considerably more. Additional graphics settings have been added in an effort to allow users not only to improve their graphics performance, but to fine tune it as well. In addition to more precise control of anti-aliasing, resolution and common settings, Crytek added to Hunt: Showdown resolution scaling technology originally used in the game Rise, as well as the ability to decouple display resolution from rendering resolution. One of the niftiest features of this new graphics update is the GPU meter, which will show the expected drain on your video card’s VRAM, so you can know exactly how much adjusting you need to do.

CPU optimizations were also added. In the last patch Crytek focused on the client for optimization. This time they looked hard at the engine and found lots of code to streamline, including a very pesky dip in framerate when entering new locations. Furthermore improvements have been made to both server and client to help with level load times. Unfortunately, this won’t help with matchmaking times. Sorry folks.

Finally, 3 new weapons have been added in an effort to expand the arsenal of the hunters and give them tools to fill holes. Or make holes. There’s a new pistol, a new shotgun, and a crossbow that actually shoots bolts tipped with shotgun shells. F’n awesome.

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