HYPERGUN Brings Bombastic Rougelite Action to PC in August

NVYVE Studios revealed their newest project back in May, a roguelite shooter titled HYPERGUN. Today we have a new trailer for the game, that’s coming out on August 23rd for PC. It’s set in the year 2038 when an advanced alien race descends upon the Earth and occupies it. Dev Tech Labs may just have the weapon we need to save the day, in their top-secret HYPERGUN PROJECT. The HYPERGUN PROJECT is a simulation where someone can enter and do battle with the alien menace to help create combinations of weapon components. It combines weapon components across countless simulations, and players will take the part of DevTech Labs Intern Dewey Owens. Owens will enter the HYPERGUN Simulator to help create the ultimate weapon. HYPERGUN will also be coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in the fall, but for now, it will be only on PC, and DevTech Labs will be the hub where you upgrade classes, unlock attachments, and enter the simulation.

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