HyperParasite Releases Huge ‘Act 4’ Update to Early Access

Troglobytes Games and Hound Picked Games released a new trailer and update during Gamescom 2019, for HyperParasite. Since releasing onto Steam’s Early Access program it has received weekly updates, such as two brand-new acts, gameplay streams, new characters, levels and so much more. As a part of this update though, HyperParasite will be increasing its cost from 10.99 to 12.99 and has a new release date of Q1 2020. There are 60 characters to control, and players can snatch the best host body for the scenario, jump in and start causing mayhem.

“We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our early adopters playing HyperParasite on Steam Early Access and with your feedback and critique, we have finely honed and refined the game,” said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Trologbytes Games. “With the implementation of Act 4, we feel it’s the right time to increase the price from $10.99 to $12.99, which we feel still offers incredible value for money. If you’re at Gamescom, we’d love to show you how far our game has come along in development since our initial Early Access release!”

Act Four Feature List:

  • Over 10 new characters including the Diesel Punk & Mercenary.
  • New mini-bosses including the Alien Hunter & Space Huntress.
  • New areas including the Desert, Guards Tower and Area 81 sub-level.
  • One insane new level boss.
  • Updated character descriptions in the Almanac.
  • New secrets to discover and exploit.
  • New Save & Quit game mechanic.

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