Immortal: Unchained’s ‘Storm Breaker’ Expansion Arrives on PC/PS4/XB1

The first major expansion for Immortal: Unchained has arrived today for PS4/XB1/PC, Storm Breaker! The hardcore action RPG shooter’s new content is priced at 14.99 (or local equivalent). The fall of Apexion was swift, and the Undead have overrun the outpost of Storm Break, and assault everything that moves. It’s up to you to eliminate the undead threat and discover a new area, the Sea of Scars.

The ruins of Storm Break lie within, and there are secrets to uncover, new enemies to battle, and of course new weapons. This includes the legendary Brightreaver, which is a devastating weapon capable of obliterating its victims with super-charged lightning. Don’t forget about boss fights, because there are new challenges there as well. Storm Breaker is here!


  • Discover two new alien locations: The Sea of Scars and Storm Break. A mysterious force is pushing aside the ocean, allowing you to travel along the seabed. Tread carefully, however, for the presence of the dead reach even these vile depths.
  • Wield four devastating new weapons, including the lightning-charged Brightreaver, one of the most powerful weapons in all the Cosmos, and the Ashborne Needler, a toxic sniper rifle used to take down the biggest foes.
  • Encounter two monumental bosses and defeat challenging new enemies.

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