Impulsion Goes Live, Adds Speedrun and Competitive Modes

When you can master time and space, anything is possible. Playdius made that clear as they released their first-person platformer Impulsion, now live on Steam. This release of the game also comes with a Speed-run Mode with an in-game timer for players looking to get the fastest time, and a Competitive Mode with Steam leaderboards so you can challenge the world. Winner of the Ping Awards 2017 and Best Student Game nominee at Games Awards 2017 and BIG Festival 2018, Impulsion is a mind-bending first-person platformer where every second counts. Players find themselves in station HMR-1, and are guided by the sassy AI Archie. The goal is to navigate insane, challenging puzzles to prove their worth outside of the station.

Armed with two force field pistols, players can dual-wield their weapons, manipulating time, gravity, and speed to overcome obstacles and avoid traps in each environment. With sharp wits, fast reflexes, and imagination, players must show off their skills and find the right balance between bold moves and caution as they take on 25 levels of increasing difficulty.

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