Insane Robots Is Out Now on Playstation 4

Playniac is proud to announce that their unique card battler, Insane Robots is live on Playstation 4 with their Standard Edition (19.99) and Deluxe Editions (32.99) which are available on the Playstation Store. It will also be available on Steam on July 12th, and Xbox One on July 13th. The Deluxe Edition contains a season pass (six robot pack DLCs) in addition to the base game. This was initially created as a tabletop prototype, using old business cards, and has grown into a fun, addictive card game.

Key Features Include:
  • This is card battling HACKED with no costly expansions and time-consuming customization
  • Compete in intense local and online ranked 2P multiplayer battles
  • Experience the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign, overthrow the megalomaniacal Kernel and save robotkind
  • Unlock 46 robots and find over 100 augments to boost their abilities
  • Explore your tactical options to survive randomly generated survival arenas
  • Master the 22-token battle deck and define your own style of play
  • A compelling narrative with over 150 branching story events
  • Explore five types of hazardous environment from lush jungles to barren Moonscapes

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