Insurgency: Sandstorm Drops Massive Update Ahead of Steam Free Weekend

Insurgency: Sandstorm has a free update dropping today, which has a ton of new content – this is ahead of the Steam Free Weekend, beginning on June 20th. The Steam Free Weekend will run from June 20th, until June 24th, 2019, and is a great time for players uncertain if they want to dive in to do so. This update will include some new weapons and attachments, as well as a remake of a classic Insurgency map (MInistry). There’s also a zombie-inspired arcade mode arriving entitled “Frenzy”. This update is expected to drop on 3 PM MT / 11 PM CEST today.

New Weapons and Attachments:

  • QBZ-03 Chinese assault rifle and TAR-21 MARS-style red dot optic for Insurgents
  • VHS-2 Croatian assault rifle and MRO “Micro Red Dot” optic for Security

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