Iune Joins the Fight in Raiders of the Broken Planet

Regardless of which campaigns players own, a new Raider has joined Harec’s band of outcasts and can be recruited: Iune, the Mystic Warrior in Raiders of the Broken Planet. She’s the first character to arrive after Wardog Fury and can be recruited by all players. Iune is a native of the Broken Planet, born with a gift that sets her apart from her people; she is an Anhauarii, a weaver of Aleph capable of miraculous feats. As was traditional under ancient law, Iune left her village to live as a hermit to perfect her skills, but then the Human invasion to the Broken Planet struck. Armed with an H1 carbine named “Last Wish”, Iune is invaluable to any team. Having the power to subvert her enemies, forcing them to do battle with their friends while also healing her own allies, she’s worth the time to recruit for any squad.

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