JetX Space Edition PC Version Releasing Soon

The special PC Edition of JetX, named JetX Space Edition is going to be available on Steam, on May 30th, 2019. It will also be available at a special discount of 20% off the whole week after the release. JetX Space Edition will have all of the content the VR-version has, as well as the huge update that JetX VR users will receive on May 30th. With this update, there will be a new Free For All Mode. Players will be able to join this match and leave at any time. It’s designed to help train your skills against real opponents (or just goof off with your friends).

Ghost Racing will be a party racing mode for local and online players. Should you want to race against a ghost, this is where you can do it! Finally, on May 30th, there will be a bundle of JetX Space Edition and JetX VR, with a 50% discount (May 30th only).

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