Join the Anti-Hipster Movement in ‘Hipster Attack’ This Summer

They’re coming to make beards and mustaches uncool and are girded in flannel shirts, brandishing their mix CDs. The hipster invasion is coming this summer, and Televisor has created “Hipster Attack”, for PC, iOS and Android. The Tower Defense game sees players doing battle with waves of “too-cool-for-you” hipsters, swarming the local coffee house. It’s up to you as the office manager to take ’em all down. From using HR reps to hurl job applications to adding resource-generating coffee makers, security guards and more, it’s a potential stand-out in the Tower Defense genre.

Hipster Attack Key Features:
  • Hipsters of all Shapes and Sizes: From the trendsetter, to poet, to the music master and …. the horrific being known only as flying tofu. The game abounds with a variety of hilarious hipsters to destroy!
  • Unconventional Weapons and Abilities: Use your HR reps to chuck job applications and wads of paper at the hipsters! Players can power up coffee makers to shoot donuts at incoming enemies, cast the ‘Statue of Hipsterity’ to freeze hipsters in place, or set an ‘urban trap’ filled with stylish sunglasses and hot espresso as bait.
  • Variety of Characters: Players start out with the junior HR employee, but as they progress through levels, they’ll get a higher level corporate team to take on the hipster onslaught. Utilize security guards, the logistics senior, and even the cleaning lady, to protect the coffee shop.
  • Built-In Tongue in Cheek: Use tons of different weapons to take down the incoming waves of moustache-twirling, vinyl spinning hipsters. Hit ’em so hard that it knocks their $200 second-hand-store 80’s era denim vests right off! In-game economy is based off of two types of resources: coffee and money. Coffee provides energy and cash is motivation for workers — what more do you need?

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