Killing Floor: Double Feature Arrives Today on PS4/PSVR

The best and bloodiest chapters of the Killing Floor universe are all in one location today for one great price: Killing Floor: Double Feature is now available for 39.99. It contains both Killing Floor 2 for Playstation 4, and the VR survival horror shooter Killing Floor: Incursion for Playstation VR.

This gore-drenched bundle comes packed with all the content released since launch, including all the seasonal content and maps for Killing Floor 2, making it the perfect starting point for newcomers to the Killing Floor series. The Deep Silver published retail version of Killing Floor: Double Feature will also come fully loaded with the fan-favorite Mrs. Foster Playable Character DLC from Killing Floor 2. In addition, Killing Floor: Incursion receives the Espire 1 “Control Theater” mechanic, which is a revolutionary free movement system for VR. It aims to eliminate motion sickness for almost all players.

Within the Killing Floor: Incursion settings, players can switch between the classic Teleport movement and the newly enhanced Free Move with “Control Theater.” For those already comfortable moving in VR, the “Control Theater” overlay can be disabled completely while using Free Move. The new free movement technology was developed by Melbourne based VR developer Digital Lode — one of Tripwire’s publishing partners. This system will make Killing Floor: Incursion’s world much smoother and enjoyable.

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