Killsquad Brings Futuristic Co-Op Action to Steam This Summer

Novaroma revealed their upcoming co-op ARPG, Killsquad will hit Steam’s Early Access program this summer. The top-down action RPG is set in a futuristic world of bounty hunters, known as Killsquads. These teams take on contracts to do the dirty work of big corporations, with the lure of big money bonuses, and the gravitas of intergalactic kudos.

Killsquad will feature an in-depth loot and class system, with procedurally generated levels and missions, ensuring no play session will look quite the same. Killsquad blends a space western styling with the top down isometric look and feel of a traditional RPG. It will feature dynamic planets that pose as much as a threat to players as the enemy inhabitants do. There are plenty of deadly adversaries on these planets, that all look exotic and highly detailed.

Killsquad will revolve around quick session missions, giving players a quick rush of adrenaline in both single and multiplayer experiences. With community at its core, Killsquad introduces a live contract system with players being offered contracts for them to undertake in real time. These contracts effectively embrace a true community feel where other players can drop in and tag along in an open contract all enjoying the same experience, you can never have too much firepower.

“Killsquad is a true passion project: our tribute to all the games we’ve enjoyed through the years. It began as a wishlist of everything we dreamt a game should have. We hope the community feels that respect and admiration, and we look forward to expanding the Killsquad universe with them”, said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo.

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