Lab Zero Games Reveal New ‘Indivisible’ Backer Demo for PC/PS4/XB1

505 Games and Lab Zero have unveiled the newest beta demo available to all backers of their fan-funded action-RPG, Indivisible. The title raised over 2.2 million dollars in funding and players will be treated to new and improved battle mechanics, enemies and quests, while also unveiling three new playable characters: plant-summoner Nuna, the gun-slinging Latigo, and the boisterous pirate queen Baozhai. A new hybrid-boss will also be seen in the form of Pindayaar. Hybrid Bosses are a first for the genre and switch seamlessly from the tactical strategy RPG battle into the action-packed platforming.

Available to all backers as a game update for Steam for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players can access this all-new content by simply running their previously installed backer preview demo (distributed in November 2017). Additional game download codes are not required to access the updated demo. More info about this beautiful game can be found here, and our review of the original demo here.

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