Laser League’s First Early Access Update Hits Steam

Laser League is an arcade-style multiplayer action sport of the future from 505 Games and Roll7, and it is presently in Early Access on Steam. Today receives its first content update, expanding on the title in a big way. The update offers a new Stadium with four new maps, two new teams, 2 new powerups, and 3 additional maps for the original arenas.

Introducing a new location in Doha, the modern and impressive Al Shama Stadium, home to two of the region’s most formidable teams – the Falcons and the Cobras. A cool blue oasis in the harsh desert, Al Shama stadium’s Laser maps flow like water, with intricate, constantly morphing designs that require perpetual movement in order to survive.

 They are:

  • CHEVRON: Restrictive. Requires constant movement
  • VEXATION: Complex. Breaks into regions
  • SLINGSHOT: Dynamic. Dangerous long lasers
  • SINGULARITY: Centric. Centre domination is key.

Teams playing in Al Shama will experience the effects of 2 new powerups:

  • Stun, which briefly downs the opposing team.
  • Lockdown, which prevents one team from wall wrapping!

But this is not all, as the original arenas also see new maps added:

  • [Empire Campus] WRAPGAME: Tactical. Wall wrapping is key.
  • [Geng Hao Megaplex] CROSSFIRE: Shred. Long spinning lasers.
  • [SilverTip Arena] TURBINE: Locomotive. Kinetic domination of space.

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