Lock’s Quest Coming to Mobile Devices

Lock’s Quest is a cult-classic Tower Defense title that arrived on the Nintendo DS over a decade ago and took the handheld by storm. Lock is a young hero, who is the last line of defense for his village against the might of Lord Agony, and his Clockwork Army. As an Archineer, Lock can build a variety of devices to protect his hometown, and rise up to be a true hero.

Lock’s Quest combines RTS gameplay and RPG elements with the familiar Tower Defense formula to create an interesting game. The gameplay is in three parts as well. The story part has Lock traveling the Kingdom to take on quests, pick up equipment, and advance the story. Once enemies appear, build mode begins, and you have to place towers, walls, and traps. The actual battle is the third part of the game, where you roam the battlefield, defeat enemies, repair structures, and dole out super attacks. Lock’s Quest will be a premium game, available for 7.99, without any microtransactions or ads. It can be preordered on iOS and Android.

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