LOCO Cinematic Trailer

LOCO is a hybrid between MMORPG and MOBA, with exciting arena based PvP battles.

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  • LOCO: HD Trailer

    Take a look at the magical chronicles of Land of Chaos Online. The world will burn!

  • emiixdds

    best game unfortunately offline -.-

  • v

    Come back! :'(

  • Piece of Cake

    I miss this game :'(

  • spaceMariner_BL_

    I miss it too… :,

  • vokomoorka

    RIPE indeed, i loved this game, only thing i remeber is i played only that White-haired girl in Leaf Wardrobe … now i wonder why?

  • ViniPooh

    miss it so much i will LEAVE OVER WATCH AND DOTA 2 FORE THIS GAME BEST

  • PoPa Vlad

    i loved this game in its classic version , still miss it after all this years , just thinking if it will be possible to play it again :'( and wandering why it dont come back (original)

    • fishbowl

      Me too mate, me too.