Lornsword Winter Chronicle Heads to PS4 and Xbox One this Fall

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is an upcoming action-strategy title from former Creative Assembly developers, at studio Tower Five. They announced today that Lornsword Winter Chronicle is heading to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One this fall. For enrolled participants, those in the Xbox Insider Program already have access to the demo.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle combines real-time strategy gameplay with an engaging narrative and a direct and action-based control system designed with a gamepad in mind. Players take control of Corun, a young Lornknight placed in command of the small fortified town of Tulza in the southern province of the Lorn Empire. Battles will be fast and frenetic on a dynamic battlefield, and the world is harsh, desolate, covered in snow and ice. Players will be able to drop in via local co-op as well to bring a friend into the battle with you. In addition, you can go at it up close with a hero, or summon soldiers to attack a target in these clashes.

We at Tower Five love real-time strategy games, yet the genre has struggled to make the move to consoles, as gamepad controls were ill-equipped for many of the genre classics”, said Renaud Charpentier, Game Director at Tower Five. “That’s why we rethought from the ground up how a strategy game would work. Now you have direct control of your Lornknight, while also having to manage resources and command a larger army. It’s a lot to take in, but having to care for your specific avatar and throngs of units ensures that there’s never a dull moment.

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