Meeple Station is Now Live on Kickstarter

Vox Games announced today that their Rimworld-inspired space station building simulator, Meeple Station is now on Kickstarter. Scheduled for a PC release in Q1 2019, the team is led by Regions of Ruin developer Stephen Lucerne. Furthermore, backers of the game’s Kickstarter campaign will be treated to the opportunity to stock up on copies for friends, get immediate beta access to the game, and even take part in designing in-game content. Considerably different from their first game (Regions of Ruin), players manage their own space station. From demanding officers, meteor showers, and Giant Electric Man-Eating Space Squids, there’s a lot to see and experience. Players can drop in and out of the game from any save file, and help each other tackle the ins and outs of station management. For those interested, the Kickstarter is right here.

‘We always keep in mind why we’re here’ – says Alex Poysky, producer. ‘We want to make the games we want to play ourselves as gamers. Meeple Station is something different, a building and management sim you can play together with others. This is something we feel gamers want more of and we can’t wait to deliver a co-op experience in the genre.’

Key features:

· A Space Station all your own — There is a wide range of paraphernalia for a space station. From simple furniture, like bedding and seating, to complex machinery, life support, and power grids. You choose where and how to build it all, and your Meeple will have to adjust to your changes.

· Play it your way — Undertake a campaign, building difficult stations and meet pressing deadlines. Or sit back, relax and run your own little station, at your own pace, moving around the quadrant, exploring nearby planets and being a centre for trade and commerce.

· Manage your Meeple — Meeple are simple creatures. They’re not human, nor are they incredibly intelligent. They’re a race of space-faring creatures who enjoy industry, work, and exploration. But they need a lot of guidance, YOUR guidance!

· From a scrap heap to a Space hub — A bustling station will bring in a lot of trade and commerce, traders will fly in from all over the quadrant to dock at your station. Which is fortunately very lucrative for you!

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