Miscreated Leaves Early Access with Version 1.0

Miscreated has officially left Steam’s Early Access program with the release of Version 1.0 of the hardcore survival title. New and experienced players alike will find tons of customization with 20 new weapons, 100 new skins, and player hosted servers. A dynamic world system lets players utilize interactive objects and also adds the ability to let players power homes/home appliances with generators. The enhanced AI and sound effects promise to bring this dark world to life, and more is on the way post-launch.

Explore the highly detailed and diverse landscape featuring picturesque forests, towering cities, hidden caves, bunkers, and sewers. Players are just one of your worries as you confront a wide range of dynamic PvE encounters on a journey filled with diverse hostile mutants and wildlife. Take back what is yours and leave your mark with form base building and call it home in this post-apocalyptic open world.

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