Monster Safari Announced for PC

X.D. invites players to join a cute zoo management sim, set to launch on Early Access for PC this Spring – Monster Safari. It is a mix of zoo management simulation and safari exploration, where players raise adorable monsters and explore strange continents to find more creatures. The ultimate goal is to build the park of your dreams, but you have to keep the monsters happy, well-fed, or the monsters might not be too keen on captivity. Players can also start with a blank slate, or use a preset zoo, whichever they feel like working with.

Monster Safari is developed by SmallOne Studio, which is a newly formed game development team aspiring to present unfettered and humored concepts through their games! ‘Being able to nurture creatures that are considered as bosses in other games is already a humorous idea. We are intentionally taking a different route designing Monster Safari, which is combining cute features with monstrosity!’ says Xiao Yang Jiong, the producer of Monster Safari. The team has a tight-knit vision to bring exciting and light-hearted experiences to players across the world.

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