MOTHERGUNSHIP’s Gun Crafting Demo Is Live

As of yesterday, GRIP Digital and Terrible Posture Games have repurposed the traditional game demo to highlight the experience of creation and modulation customization in the upcoming FPS bullet-hell, MOTHERGUNSHIP. Players can go online and download the gun crafting demo for MOTHERGUNSHIP on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, letting them see for themselves the absolutely absurd possibilities in-game for themselves.

Gun crafting in MOTHERGUNSHIP lets us build the most over the top weapons seen in a First Person Shooter with few restraints. Want to build that 20 barrel rocket-launching shotgun? Go for it! Interested in a flamethrower with ricochet shots? This demo gives you a taste of the customization and modularity of the full gun crafting system from MOTHERGUNSHIP and provides a testing arena and small story to experience.


  • Shoot – Face off against overwhelming odds in a brutal, non-stop combat. Forget negotiation, forget stealth, forget reloads. Just let go and kill them all.
  • Craft – For the first time ever, build guns exactly the way you like them, with the deepest gun-crafting system ever seen in a videogame. Want to have a gun with twelve barrels that shoot homing rockets? Go for it!
  • Resist – Join the ranks of global resistance movement and take back Earth together with your friends. Cut through the alien fleet to reach the ultimate goal – bringing down the MOTHERGUNSHIP.


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