My Lovely Daughter Coming to Nintendo Switch

My Lovely Daughter is a dark, disturbing game from Toge Productions in Indonesia. The story is about the depths an alchemist will sink to in his grief, to resurrect his daughter. It features dark and disturbing subject matter but does hold a deeper meaning behind this horror.

Creating the soul is quite tricky. Each homunculus has its own unique traits that need to be combined perfectly to resemble his daughter’s. Faust can assign his homunculi to many kinds of jobs to enhance the quality of the traits. Completing jobs will also give him the income to buy more materials to create different kinds of homunculus.

This game features:

  • Dozens of “daughters” to raise each with their own traits and characteristics

  • Simulation-based gameplay that will have a direct impact on how the story goes

  • A unique art style that emphasizes the dark theme of the game

  • High replay value with multiple endings and secrets to unlock

  • Gothic-style tracks inspired by the world of My Lovely Daughter

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