Nexon G-Star Lineup! [Playlist]

There are so many amazing games coming from the Nexon G-Star Lineup, we compiled them into one place for you!

Arena Masters, Elsword Slash, Tales Runner Revolt, Fantasy Town, Total Clash, Quiz Quiz, Gunpie Adventure, Unknown Heroes, Dragon Nest II Legend, Tree of Savior Mobile, Oz Broken Kingdom

Hyper Universe, Need for Speed Edge, Astellia, LawBreakers

Mobile Development:

Dark Avenger III, Returners, Durango, Lego Quest & Collect, Tango 5, WiFun Project, AxE, Project Red, Blast, Project DH, TalesWeaver M, Evil Factory, After the End, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile,  Lode Runner 1

PC Development:
Peria Chronicles, Project META

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